Collection: BENNY Candle

In early 2021, a beautiful doodle named Benjamin Button was born. He was unable to walk. It turns out he was paralyzed, but because he had leg movement, no one realized it. After 2 different vet schools it was found that he is paralyzed from the shoulders back and his back leg movements are just reflexes. Despite his disabilities which he has no idea of - he is living his best life and teaching others, by example, to do the same. Benny is PURE JOY. 

The BENNY Candle was created to support Benny and the many expenses associated with his special needs care as well as theThe Tucker Farm Rescue Inc. whose mission is to make sure rescued and fostered animals live a life they deserve. The Tucker Farm Rescue receives $5.00 from the sale of each BENNY candle! VERY LIMITED Edition!